10 Must-Visit Epic Waterfalls in Ireland for Your Summer Bucket List

Ireland, a land celebrated for its magical landscapes and profound history, also boasts some of the world’s most stunning waterfalls. As the warmth of summer beckons, the appeal of these water spectacles intensifies. This guide will spotlight the top ten epic waterfalls in Ireland that are a must for your summer bucket list. 

Be it thrill-seekers, nature admirers, or photography enthusiasts in pursuit of that perfect shot, these waterfalls in Ireland will definitely steal your heart. So, buckle up and get ready to add these ten stunning waterfalls to your summer itinerary! 

Torc Waterfall: Immersed in Killarney National Park County, Kerry, this waterfall’s 20-meter drop and lush surrounding woodland is a treat for nature lovers. 

Powerscourt Waterfall: Ireland’s highest waterfall at a majestic 121 meters, located in County Wicklow, it is part of the beautiful Powerscourt Estate. 

Glencar Waterfall: Located in County Leitrim, this 50-foot waterfall, mentioned in W.B. Yeats’ poem ‘The Stolen Child’, is visually striking, especially following rainfall. The scenic Glencar Lake enhances its beauty. 

Assaranca Waterfall: Located in County Donegal, this waterfall, though not the tallest, is known for its wide, cascading flow and stunning Ardara countryside backdrop. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic. 

Aasleagh Falls: These falls in County Mayo near Killary Harbour, Ireland’s only fjord, offer a breathtaking view. The falls are wide and the surrounding area is famous for salmon fishing. 

Mahon Falls: This dramatic 80-meter waterfall in the Comeragh Mountains, County Waterford, is easily accessible and offers stunning views. The area also has the intriguing ‘Magic Road’, where cars seem to roll uphill. 

Clare Glens Waterfall: A hidden gem located on the border of counties Limerick and Tipperary, this waterfall offers serenity and beauty, tucked in a wooded area. It is also popular for walking trails. 

The Devil’s Chimney: Situated in County Sligo, this is Ireland’s tallest waterfall. Known as Sruth in Aghaidh An Aird, meaning ‘the stream against the height’, it’s unique as the water sometimes blows upward when windy. 

Ess-na-Larach Waterfall: Part of the Glenariff Forest Park in County Antrim, this waterfall boasts a spectacular 30-meter drop. The park, dubbed the ‘Queen of the Glens’, is great for hiking. 

Glenmacnass Waterfall: In County Wicklow, near Wicklow Mountains National Park, this 80-meter waterfall is a sight to behold, especially after heavy rainfall. 

These waterfalls each offer a unique piece of Ireland’s raw, natural beauty. From the tallest falls nestled in verdant landscapes to serene cascades tucked away in tranquil settings, there’s a waterfall for each traveler’s taste. So, pack your bags and prepare to be enchanted by these ten epic waterfalls in Ireland this summer!



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